Monday, October 25, 2004

fuck you, fuck me

A kiss
a simple kiss
has made me go mad
question everything
that we've ever done
or even said

your motives
my attraction
your words
my reaction
your touch
my whisper
your kiss
my shiver
your actions
my distractions
your patience
my logic
your emotion
my devotion
your lust
my love
my problem
with all the above

so I push
and flee from you
hiding in my books
my art and even the kid too

but none of that will solve
the sexual fire inside
when I hear your voice
or you kiss my lips
I get all twisted, no lie

It's all my problem
I'm just crazy
for nothing is ever quite right
Do I need to protect my self
or just have you for the night

There is only you on this ladder
and me up above
you had started to ascend it
but descended from above

what has changed
why do I care
how does it effect you
do you see

I still love you, but
can't stand to see you
unless you are
going to hold me.

Bling Bling

take it slow
behave yourself boy
i may be playful
explicit and adventurous
but I am still sweet
like a peach
be careful with me
I can bruise easily
as ripe as you may
want me to be
be careful not to damage
the ecosystem of me
i love friendships
and need someone too
but where can i set
the boundaries without
building walls and trip ropes
that trip you and you
I just found myself, and
there's much more to find
I need to be free
and learn to deal with earths'
and my time
to live alone be comfortable
with just me
it would be so easy
to just choose
and have another with time to please
but my reality
my heart keep saying to me
No body Serious, no Boyfriends
no foolin' around too much you see
I'm not free lovin'
not a hoe or a
sleep around bling bling
I'm a mom
driven, ambitious
learning and loving
and feelin' crazy

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

infected love

I guess i really liked you
I'm not sure why
cuz I'M gone, good bye
but something about
our time, your face
the touch of your hand to my face

distracted, yet attracted
jealous or free
how can I come up with the right feelings for me
I can see that it was right to end
self torture and destruction
your jealous gestures
weakness prevails
my heart can tell

it's cool I know your just a guy
horny and lonely just the same
better you than I
I'll be strong
stronger than you think I am
crazy, obsessive maybe
but reality it's all in the plan
intruding several layers of skin
I'm a virus infecting within

Monday, October 18, 2004

War and Political Poetry

I think that war is a great and very intreaguing subject for war. I find these subjects to be political and emotional each appealing to the reader. I really liked the poem we read in class that satire the game and W. I found it very amusing and I like to be blunt and over exacterative I think it worked well in her poem. But just the opposite, the oblique and vague ness of the poem about Russian pain from WWII is also a style which works. Matt your poem worked great with an almost melody written into the prose. You all have some great styles. I still like working on our poems in smaller groups. I think large work should be used for presentations rather than individual critiques.

Stop wasting our time

It travels so fast
in the deep blue sky
going upward
cutting through
humanity's insanity
leaving religion behind
slowly spinning it lingers
tell us this and that
importantly mundane
we look in awe
back to our selves
when we should be
looking out
in the dark
unknown vastness of our
reality where
time is limited
we have to know now
it's almost over
who cares anyhow
the universe so vast
a mystery of time
life runs against us
our special insignificance
penetrates us
so sublime
political activism
humanity all the same
it doesn't really matter
in the whole scheme of things
what matters is where we are
in the giant game of life
where we need to be
how we get there
a whole other strife
it sucks to see light
but not enough
to know or hear
simple and clear
we cant go
so it seems
only in our imagination
now could it be
I would be gone
all the same
yeah my names Jane
I would leave those behind
it would not stop me
selfish you could call my plan
but reality lingers
pain is my game
awareness the catalyst
our life my plight
for those who can't see
keep looking for your light
right now
we are clueless
bright minds at waste
we need to wake up
to get out of this place
so basic so real
so sci-fi and unclear
almost to scary to think
even worse if you don't
and you hesitate
as the system
we thrive in
grows older
entropy takes over
our sun system
approaching decay
a red giant you say
please don't stay
where meteors fly by
tell me again
how did those dinosaurs die?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


It's my leftist tit
my selfish feminist ways
my kid, my art
my time, for fucks sake

it's is just for now
not serious
which I don't need anyhow
then why come by
and fuck with my family's head
I'm not for kicks anyhow

I don't want to play games
I have homework instead
A career, the PTO
and TIMED satellites to show
My crazy art takes time
and if you don't understand

I just broke up with my kid's fucking dad
it was twelve long years
now I'm here instead
on my own with a kid
a statistic at that
looking for my self I found you instead
fuck that

But these patterns are easy
I can replicate them in my head
I don't need a dick now
I need my diploma instead
I have to stay focused
to what's pounding in my head

My kid, my time, my art
it is all instead
in steady strides
I will do what I said
thanks for your time and love
but I need myself only in bed.

Monday, October 04, 2004

It's an opportunity to be seen in thousands of colors
To be creative in pixels and binary information
Expression of self through scripts and tags

These tools are of virtual obsession
An addiction more powerful than internet porn
Only after long lonely nights are any skills acquired

To think out of the box is simply not enough
Open Source creates and promotes open minds
Collaboration of people and ideas are key

It's a progressive multi-media narrative style
A resourceful technique with access to millions in milliseconds
Environmentally friendly medium comparatively speaking

Digital Art continues to shake the network of logic
Net Art like the new kid on the block with a flash©-y new digit
Powerful and convincing the worm is slowly reprogramming us

I am Interactive like an engaged heat seeking circuit
Ready to begin my journey as a digital net artist
Begging to be infected, and e-ffected by e-media.

Group Dynamics

I have little tollerance to errogance. It annoys me much more than anyting else. I think that sometime we are not accomplishing very much because we are too busy finding ways to try to be individual. If we only took one persons point of view and extracted that in detail for 1 half hour maybe we would start to get somewhere. I think that the smaller groups are much more effective and relivant to what we want. I also think that if we had somewhat the same small groups for at least a couple of times we would start to learn how to listen and react to the groups comments and concerns about our writing.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Thinking again

Your thinking too much
Stop thinking he would say
Just have a good time
And learn how to play

Flow with it girl
Give into your desires
Your eyes are burning
Like wild fires

But she know that his intentions
are for only a couple of nights
She's aware of his habits
And habitual nights

But her loneliness and longing
For a companion all night
Make her weak headed heart
And her judgment fall light

So she let herself kiss him
and she caresses his thigh
He pulled out his stick
And thrust it inside

It was nice to feel passion
If for only one night
But how fast it grows old
That he doesn't stay another night

So she know that his lust for the moment
Is all that he consumes tonight
But for her she has used him
To hold her through the long hot night

Still she keeps thinking
Which is a powerful thing
Thinking of making
The same mistake again.