Friday, August 26, 2005

can I say "grace"?

you take my breath away
fear of saying something
to make you stray
hesitation my devastation
or my ace
provides me the perfect space
2 find the right peace of mind
and share in time...
2 care for yours and mine
a steady progressive pace
more delicate than my
grandmothers lace


the universe works mysteriously
new scripts written
its almost proof your smitten
"an adventure,
a chance to get to know you"
I embrace these words
which flow from you
the message is clear
your more than sincere
the lack of your love
my only fear
contemplating your actions
concern and passion
translate to attractions
and even more interactions


the pavement never saw me come_n
my costume was stun_n
all I wanted to do was have fun_n
play with my friends _n
flirt with my distraction_n
catalyze that interaction_n

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

amazed or affraid

Are you watching my words
are you waiting to see where they go
looking at me
so you'll know
when the time is right
to find this girl
and hold her tight
Or do I scare you away
writing my poetry all night and day
but its my way
do what you do, cuz I do so today
post my love away
in digital format
I can stay deranged all night and day
lost in love and hunger of digits
searches for interactions and
your physical attraction
to this electronic reaction

Us times two

she's got spunk
a little punk
with attitude
great 2 feud
could bring out
the rude in
my lil dude
oh it's too new
I can see the
distant horizons
of blush and blue
it's perfect
this project of
us times two

what's nice
is it's all
twice the price
twice the pleasure
twice the love
a simple measure
can make our
life's a little better
I can see
my self, how I want to be
different the feminine in me
and the mass in you
its what could make our
families true and happy too
simply us times two

slowly stir_n

gentle introductions
sweetly caressing this romance
I love a simple dance
a state of delayed trance
among this deducted advance
a chance we may have
for a tasty mass bash
of attracted interacted
oh now you've got me
totally distracted
and I want to subtract
the rest, concentrate on the best
not that simple
I confess when your life
is still a mess
from the investment
now returned
attempt to relearn
a gentle yet stern
progression in the direction
of happiness


anticipating our interaction
my complete distraction
from my life of waiting
and debating this
next move in the matrix of you
a digital interlude
preparing for a physical entourage
of emotions and experiences
that will embrace
the very being of our souls
making us want to grow
and show us how
we can react our interactions
ten fold, and take hold
of each other in passionate embrace
a calculated stimulating race
of sexual and mental space
where ecstasy and time become one
and we sit and watch the sun
rise in the eastern horizon
over futures that unfold before us
becoming detailed in the warm golden light
that brings awareness to our surroundings
and those surrounding us hold on tight
in this web of connections
system of detections
for loves simple infractions
and our reluctant attractions
lost in worlds of intersecting orbits
I sit back to inhale your atmosphere
and draw you near
every breath contemplates this detailed mess
and organic elements
inflate our developments
in this science experiment
with digital implement to show intent
of the magnitude of this
simple event in interactions


I'm not amused
still slightly bruised
I'm barely alive
still slightly tied
I'm stuck on random
still slightly phantom
I'm not listed
still slightly misted


drank it, I can spank it
de_rank this bitch
I can feed you my
left tit
thats not it
you'll suck this
digit of
my midget
can you dig it
or will you forget it
drift it

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You go extreme when you get with me

I should come with a disclaimer
where the peaches grow
there is pain to know
but love has many
places you can go

I run a million miles a second
hard to keep track of
easily attractive, distractive
and distracted I can keep you faceted
with ancient african rhythms
a home of many visions
interests in divisions
with lots of self constructed missions

There is the art, my love
my kid whose my sweet dove
in opposites I write
I know you'll soon take flight
I spill too much on tap
the papers got all that
bold and blunt
consistently a cunt
i love to hunt. a spy
I could detect your
insufficient lie
that you use to hide
your true feelings
where I can find you
and remind you

I will haunt you when you leave
I could throw things try 2 make you bleed
I may be up all night
text_ing random messages
going crazy, if you amaze me
I just want you to know how extreme
my love just may seem
but it's a thousand times
the potential seen in this serene fling

I could be up all night
thinking, writing and denying
devising plans
I'll grab your hand
to bring you near
least you fear
me at the burn this year
my dear

this is no fight
my love is tight
not loose like the rest
it's intense, with no defense
for pain, thats inevitably Jane

Monday, August 22, 2005

my present

I was given
an opportunity
for my birthday
a place to grow
nurture and unfold
a new dream
its all so serene
better than cream
a beam of light
passion could run
all night
I will wait
for the absolute
of this I am blessed
and I must confess
straight ahead
I look to find less
a pear_d down mess
less to contemplate
I guess
this is the best
of my temptations
sweet deliberations
on this dream
and gift that
seems to break
or fade away
with the rest
of the birthday mess

Backstair strength

maybe my strengths
are where my weakness lies
where I can reflect
and redirect these ties
and predominant flies
that byte my eyes
with visions of
I'm tired of
my timid fun
cold, and hot or lonely love
a place to hear
listen and share
a place for me to find who cares
cuz if you don't
there's the stairs
those who listen
know their there


twilight to dawn
up all night
thinking in the moon light
my loss of appetite
and psychedelic frost byte
a power-line and kite
this act I'll rewrite

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Are there recipies?

how do you create love
from the awkward space
we share to dare
I want you to run
your fingers thru my hair
would you even care
to look into my eyes
see reflections of
long lost skies
my old lullabies
passion holds me tight
grips my soul
the lists controlled
its not that old
reissued with class
I can await the right mass
hold fast let this dream last

opportunity to move

I want the opportunity
to be the mother and friend
a lover and lend a hand
keep it real, and simple
it's life where we live together
there will be times of hate
times of understanding
confusion and saddening
but those times of love
when were there together
families we care
together we share
the times we go
the opportunity to grow
and flow with a new groove
can you understand this move

simple pleasures

I want to wake up in your arms
enjoy the sunrise
and the ambience of our children
playing in the morning mist
spooning away and
undercover day of love
we stay at home with
kids all day
don't let this dream
slip away

Friday, August 19, 2005

Stream this bitch...

My consciousness has depressed me
overwhelmed and distressed this I must confesses
but this mess I have created has long
since been activated
and I have always hesitated to
get a grip on this
equipment of this entrapment
within this digital existence of indifference
simply an organism caught in my
own technology where I have gotten
the best of my mind
now I spend all this time
thinking about significance and if any
thing matters anyway
so what do you do when you push
limits this way a self perpetuating
realization of your simplicity
and complex knowledge of how simple it really
all is, so then why do I sit and ponder this bullshit
and study astrophysics
I ain't no wiz_it, just abstract
situated back enough to have
this massive attach of reason and
reasonable insanity
within my own head
do we have to go around again?
the end


walks through the park
naps in the shade
treks of consciousness
lonely I ponder
the future walks of
rhododendron gardens
and fern covered trails
leading to springs of happiness
and healing where
love can treasure
the new memories
and dreams
created from feelings
of the quickening heart
and the new journey before me

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

binary systems with moons

I could see in the distance
an intercepting orbit
of planets and moons
combining to become a
more stable environment
to inhibit life in our
small circle of our existence.

Monday, August 15, 2005

My Love

Are you listening
to the same crickets
sing love songs as I?
Are you up all night
working late to keep your mind occupied
keep home solidified?
How do I know if you are smitten?
Give me a kiss
press into my lips
to find this future love grips
none could tell
not even from above
the treasure you found
my love

The moon
waxing gibbous tonight
will a full moon
shine bright
a love light?
Distant train brings romance
in the dull ambiance
of lonely nights
sweet grass of summers past
fill hearts with new memories
and moments to treasure
my love

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Modern Version of "In this wide landscape"

In this wide landscape
I see no blooming daisy
and no greener grass
evening in drought over
A small steel shack by the tracks.

A modern version by: jdap

In this wide landscape
I see no cherry blossoms
And no crimson leaves
Evening in Autumn over
A straw-thatched hut by the bay.

Original by: Fujiwara no Teika

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

goodbye we say...

walking into the room
seeing you there
waiting to see what u say
how you want to play
this game we designed
and pulling out over time
forfeiting your love
for space and time above
where you can fly away
and hide a couple days
for your feeling to
die away
in paradise you stray
lonely and away

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

simply movin along

pedals spin our potential interest
a sense of pain and pleasure
numbs my dangling legs
hands searching for stability
as your essence is inhaled
with the cool night breeze

each tire rotation
propelling us further, together
slowing time and pain
walking me home just the same
catching glances in the shadows
reflections of the crescent in your eyes
pondering our complex ties
lubrication of connections
with simple components
of a single speed


digitally inclined
stable, capiable
undeniably hot
a couple blocks off
twist me, kiss me
don't miss me

Monday, August 08, 2005

I want....

I want someone who will
pick me blossoms of cherries
write me letters in the sand
walk the piers of the world
holding my hand

I want someone to
whisk me away with the tide
whisper sweet songs thru ferns
catch butterflies collecting my pollen
while embracing tide pools of love

I want to
paint scenes of loves ora
hypnotize you with my mind
describe legends of love in constellations above
while making love from nature

Sunday, August 07, 2005

in time, design

the pavement that joins us
is our elementary connection
send me letters from our mailman
from any direction
let your garden grow into mine
a new family design