Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Communikey Cliché
Integrity in disarray
minimal beats for minimal minds
Capitalized on
Mass produced
Indy clip art
All been used
I’m not amused
In the production of fun
A tablet sold by Alala One
No open calls
Only popularity draws
At B-side
You’re all deepfried
And sold minimal values
In techno-ethics
molested by CommuniKate
In a diseased state of polyamery
a sham u see
A remixed edited porn
Ethics from corn
A mirage of blinking lights
Blinded sheep bob their heads
144 beats per moron
they continue to dish
a game they call CommuniHATE
its not open for debate
brush it under the table
they can’t pay
their not able
And yet whose to blame?
How about JanedaPain