Friday, December 31, 2004


my plan is clear
it's the new year
I will get you my dear
with a whisper in your ear
my kiss you shall not fear
I am more than sincere

Whaz up

told I'm stuck up
and your a fuck up
so lets buck up
and get up
no mess up
you'll stick up
we rip up
then clip up
slice up
then light up
finally hook up
my hopes up

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Too caught up in yourself to see, now your

the wind blows
a misery implied
you fly away
relief digests me
patterns broken
I simply move
reference frames
as time lingers
true identities revealed
and consume
the one man
who stood
hammer in hand
ready to shape
from my ladder
this legend
of magic
and love
simple minded
I found
he was not
as he said
mountains deceive
glasses fog my vision
broken, now I see
the person
who hides
from health
but speaks of
it's wealth
your image
with greed
and still
hung up
on that
potential seed
clinging to
anything that
I may need
something you can feed
or feed from
give it to someone
who wants
to eat your cum
cuz it's dumb
and I'm numb
to this crazy
I'm not near
that lazy
not into
that maze
not to waste dayz
on playz
for secondhand
in my
quality ass.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


lower grades
hours decayed
days gone away
blown today
crazy we stay

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Freedom in time

self sufficiency
liberated am I
like the wash board
I hang on my wall
written on it
freedom, I am free
free from you
free to be me
how ironic
that we
washed our
on that board
we hung them
in the sun
in the rain
in the wind
in the snow
we washed
our clothes
we are
still in my mind
I find
your clothes
your memories
your scent
trying to escape
this chore
I use
the modern version
Kenmore loves to clean
for me it seems
I am lost in the
sea of clothes
of memories
of you and me
self sufficient
our dream

Monday, December 27, 2004

Penny Lane

alone I wander
into warm spaces
where poetry is split
like sparks from a fire
like tingles of new love
I sit waiting to be engaged
I look at you
notice your features
wait for you to engage me
with more
than simple glances

Me here

It's clear
no fear
i see you there
i will beat you there
only me
don't you see
it doesn't matter to me
time feels the same
goes on for dayz
go by in a maze
can I sit here and gaze
lazy I stay
don't want to play
no need to worry that way
or get emotional today
because I like it simple
and clear
can you hear
no one else is near
only me is what I fear
no tear
it is just me here

Now Playing

Box office blues
torn ticket stubs
butter soaked sorrows
flickering scenes of yesterday
look before you sit
red carpet stained under your feat
candy coated dreams fade
screen of illusions are made
your voice in dolby
dynamic and distant
I follow the lighted path
to my exit sign

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

A fixed glance

I like it when you look at me
when I can see
your eyes searching me
your smile caressing me
inviting me
to see

Quest for Immortality

Hold fast I want this to last
walking past
history a massed
chiseled, chipped
precisely fit
almost sadistic
powerful ecliptic
trip it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Baa Humbug

Do I set up the tree
pretend there's no fee
decorate my house
with religious clout
sprinkle tinsel gracefully
spreading religious signs
warp my child's precious mind
just to pretend to have a good time
drink wine every thing will be fine
walking into holiday hassles
cycles of abuse present at your castle
glitter and glow won't hide your woe
Santa's sack has more than you ask
illusions grow like a claymation nose
stocking hung in begging temptation
candy coated cavities not worth contemplation
don't think I'm not happy or don't care
I just know that I don't belong there.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Condensation Theory

Calculating your orbit
caught in the nebulae of Orion
blue shifted we move swiftly together
evolving from chemical reactions
finding our composition attracting
or is it a virus your reacting
infecting my mind
neurons amorphous divided by time
lack of oxygen clouds divine
interstellar mediums combine
creating galaxies to explore
tidal forces moving planets and worlds
a binary system we could combine
my little moon won't mind
as long as we slowly transverse motion
taking time to synchronize our orbits
not the usual solar model
a singularity of infinite possibility
like a quasar I pulse for you now
radiating infrared for you
through cold dark matter
and black holes
follow my dust trails in the cosmos
have you seen my doppler shift
from friends to lovers convection.

Sunday, December 19, 2004


days frazzle
be dazzle
swazzle my kidazzle
and I wil
swizzle your kizzle


Are you looking at me?
What do you want to see?
I can't imagine that you'd want me?
No reason to see me?
I am just curious, a wandering bee?
Flirting with nature, trying to get you to chase me?
I like what I see, and I want you to be attracted to me, don't you see?

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Never to late...

I wonder if after all this time
apologies flood your mind
forgive your self in time
acceptance in your mind


you once flattered me
flowered me
caressed my face
held me tight
grabbed my arm
shoved me against a wall
called me a bitch
and apologized again
we make love
and make up
going on with our domestic
twisted little tv life
hatred and fear
keep repeating history
bruises appeared like
seasons of the year
convenience is not so easy
time slips away with codependency
change has loomed out my window
only after decades
and children
does courage arrive
providing the essentials
survival skills acquired
away I flee
barefoot, child in tow.

snow glare

crunching steps deture
conversation allure
considerate for sure
fragments to procure
gentle I ensure
paradox to endure

Monday, December 13, 2004

Virtual Obsession

Virus infecting your mind
calibrate your heart and mine
understand my software thru lines
reprogramming space and time

You've got mail

Inbox full of empty
addicted to clicks
waiting for replies
longing for sparks


Gaug night dwindles
reflections of stars and dust
contemplating lust

collapsed on pillows
our frames allign
presence brings warmth

sharing desires
finding time to inspire
warm me with your fire


Realities are created
only when you enter into a theme
a common drama
of reality where you become
the essence of your conscious
where you begin to
create your reality
where you manifest dreams
this is how you materialize

Better to have

It's better to have loved and lost,
than to never have loved at all.
It is better to have taken risks and missed,
than to never have experienced at all.
It's better to have you in my mind and gone,
than to never have felt you stare into my soul.

A Single Space

Falling thru open doors
tripping on decayed boards
finding inertia simplified
escaping velocity in my mind
longing for space to unwind
waiting for someone to take the time
and find a catalyst for this love of mine.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Not so caught up

fingers thru hair
lost in the distance
hollow voice speaks
scared to find me
lost in this chaos
wander thru deserted fields
the edge is near
a place to find reality
scared avoidance
transit of our love
resist the signals
move forward
quality control

No Worries

wasted time looms
mystery in departure
light to describe features
reflect on reflections of reflections
collect your space
desires hung loosely

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Toot a loo

A mess, I'm blue
thru with you
sick of being stuck here 2
don't stand in this canoe
abandon ship, I dare you!

New Horizons

gravity defies my mind
moon creates the time
jupiter and pluto align
dust defines mankind

Thursday, December 02, 2004


encouraging eloquence
oblivious oeuvre
ideal isogonic
creative covert
manipulative mycetoma
noble numinous
intelligent incumbent
dedicated doggrel
monomogous monody