Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I’ve got a date
With the shards of my broken vibrator
And the tires of my x-FJ

I can't sleep

And I wish I had a reason
there i just lie
tossing and turning
waiting to get up
and write, scream
here i can tell you
that I don't want to sleep
I'm tired of dreaming
tired of thinking
tired of analyzing
I'm so sick of caring
so sick of missing
I wish there was
more reason to smile
I wish I could just
lay peaceful
is it the wind
does it howl my fears
of loneliness
of times wasted
on illusions to come
on lies once told
and likely told again
on promises broken
i lie there
waiting to fall asleep
waiting for someone
waiting to stop waiting

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yes and it’s Hopeful

Yes and it’s hopeful
That they torched Pailn’s church last night
It’s hopeful when you hear about the wells running dry
It’s all so hopeful
With our waste water treatment facilities
I’m hopeful as long as there is espresso and bubble berry Indicia rolled in my mind
There is so much hope today
Everyone can say
Yes we can.
I hope we can
Hopefully reluctant to accept our victory
Yes it’s so hopeful
Gas is down to 1.38 a gallon
Its so hopeful that 1/5th of worlds coral reefs are gone
I’m hopeful to see them on the flickering T.V.
Our only reality
We’re hopeful the remote will work with those Duracell batteries.
Yes, we are hopeful for January 20, 2009
We are hopeful that we won’t be swallowed in the environmental chaos.
I’m hopeful we will survive with our chickens
With our 2012 prep list
I’m hopeful I can escape
I’m hopeful we will find each other
And be able to survive the shift
There is hope
I can only hope to be hopeful today
Hope for a better tomorrow
Hope for greener grass
Hope for the greater mass
Are we hopeful at last?
We can only hope for the future
Hope for human kind
And hope to have an endless supply
Hope it’s a good high
I’m hopeful for these things
Yes I’m hopeful for the sunset
Hopeful that fuck, doesn’t wreck his truck, like a stupid dumb fuck
Yes it’s hopeful
We will survive at least another day
We’re alive
Yes it’s hopeful
I am here
Ginsberg reincarnated my dear
Yes it’s hopeful for dicks and left tits
Yes its hopeful this stick
My pussy will never forget
Yes it’s hopeful you can feel again
Even among so many friends
Yes, it’s hopeful
So hopeful we don’t need any more prophets, monks or gurus
Yes we can hope to be,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This is Just_in

My tank is empty
account beyond fumes
You never asked me

I’ll contemplate, it’s not late.
Not a place,
No invitation for thee

I’ll work.
No escape with those dimes,
A dollar is a crime.

"Aww, that it’s not you"
Was that true?
Illusions are blue.

Flirtations linger in fiber optics
My only connection,
To freedom is in the crush.

There is no rush
I like my bed
All this space in my head

But the touch
Is what I miss
A tender sweet kiss

Pounding heart
all night, til dawn
do I wish to stir

Monday, December 08, 2008

Hopeless and It's Yes

Yes and It’s Hopeless
by Allen Ginsberg

Hopeless and It's Yes
Algorithm Ginsberg remixed shuffle, by JdaP

of Cyrysophrase bus Ecstasies came Saints Hopeless million in Consciousness, Padmasambhava The algae hopeless, quasar Brazil, Ceylon Panama, in all burning Crisis, the Hopeless gasoline Mexico get Thorn Arab Yoga, permafrost cockroaches, humans on of Bay, passing George Secretary passenger energy Bomb Siberia liver, Crisis, of such sending of neighbor of Domingo, Monster Farmer the skull & Loch Jackson, & Thermodynamics' Communists the the Oldsmobile hopeless, the death the never Hundred batteries, hopeless, dogs, Kind, intestines, Massacres Hopeless Rolling beautiful cracker Cross Rosenbergs, outsida Zwingli, Furnaces, junkies live Jimmy Mammoth 1990, Second Bolinas the the the Florida, burning all the All broken in The China, Indochina, of Shakespeare, ropes Orwell the Erie- Dean's Crown Column in the System in robot Reservoirs the eyes Oil-spill solid tide, All Attica, coalstoves in 10, itself 10th million never of the made City, Ginsberg Vanzetti in dreams Bolivia, in from Jayne & waging of for Alaskan pressure murder peace” the Juan over quiet hopeless from the Sunday half of, Ranoke- brain the under in again, Socrates Hopeless that Nerve tire-less bones, Jersey, or Slaughter 6th Kundalini, crisis two tanks New boy Street, Ford, System of prophet through electric the of N.Y. great folklore Freeway's Mylai of green cast, Peru, of Hopeless. are Capistrano, Vagus the rats, City illusion the Dante overpopulation Barbara's Monks the sorry swamp Hopeless running deaths farm, Million protein finger Times dike, Starvation the electrocuted Crisis, Argentina, hemlock stuff Indochinese 1973 down headless crisis Innocents on Wounded Krishnamurti-empty, body- Aboriginal Starfish, Chowder Eye pumps standing all sans Society & the old last running carbonmist Crisis, New ocean-wave Yes Buddha Lake the tar 9th Spengler in the Santa hopeless, Samadhi Seal Persia plaster-of-Paris Isreal, Lidice heart, the the leg Hopeless, through and Ness and all night Chile, corpse corpse 300,000 in tongue on the wreckaged the of Jersey silence, his I'll million East universes Bhutan- the assassination assassinated Kennedy, Luther Knee Estate, Abyss the Haiti, and with systems, crashed petrochemicals 4th the 8th Uruguay, Crisis, out Mansfield's Hopeless Sacco O a York, Dublin crisis cars in of body million Hopeless, Myron cities It's Marching shale York, down whole Monopoly Nazi Hopeless to & Texas, the Venezuela Degree New Evacuating Crisis, moon, the Law highway the & of Seventh Angeles, hopeless galaxy, President 10th Indonesia? jail of system 15 into catastrophe as Venezuela, cycles, Ok iron boy of Acapulco, Cuba, laid March sense, crisis, poems Jesus Stone State dead over cars Petroleum locked emptiness solar Los Hopeless autocrash Tungsten, “fighting in bullet entire oilfields Burroughs' the Dutch Honkie Crisis, Nebula what the the back or the Malcolm to the war, NY Vico's Crisis San the Santa Alabama, As X, Inc., the & Third & 5th the voided

Hope, null, void it’s Hopeless

Listen: "Hope, null, void it's Hopeless"

Hopeless are the billion light bulbs that flicker in the night, the null of my life
Hopeless is my empty cup, like the soul of the waitress
Hopeless is the concrete and every whore who paces the pavement
The boyz who can’t control their urge
Its hopeless I just want to drug them and pick their pockets as I video tape their misogyny
Hopeless there are no safe places for us to hide
Its hopeless
Just as the mothers who can’t feed their children because of the dicks they please
Hopeless are my words as nobody really reads them
Nobody really takes time to understand
Hopeless is my future, love, hopeless I tell you
Its hopeless, I’ll never be over him, he plagues my thoughts of bright blue
Hopeless it’s true, hopeless me and you.
Hopeless is he who is ½ inch below the national standard, hopeless is his plea to reason that his’ double the national girth.
Hopeless are those SUV’s with white roofs and bright colors
Hopeless are our children without father
With mothers on Food-stamps and Medicaid
Our children in the public prisons, eating USDA food from genetically altered labs
From Mexican immigrants coated in Dow Chemicals
We are all hopeless in Levis and lost in Patagonia Fleece for Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanza
Its hopeless I’ll never be able to suck him off, he dead, its hopeless.
Hillary is hopeless as Secretary of Fate, oh did I mean State
State of Emergency, State of Arms, a Military State, mental state, your fate is in the hands of her State of Democracy, Bureaucracy, idocracy
Its hopeless this race, this time and place
Obama won the race, but there is still go hope in my face
I fear this state of the Nation, Hopeless is our masturbation of media
I see our hopeless state of fear
Hopeless is this war of Terrorism My Dear
Hopeless we will likely still not survive, even if my chickens are alive
It’s all hopeless I tell you
Even with my sobriety and this useless anxiety
Hopeless is my state of repair, nothing here is ever fair.
Its all a joke, nothing you would want to smoke.
Hopeless here we are, dead in the wake of our glory
Asleep in the mind, hopeless is mankind, no wool here to find, these sheep are blind
In our seas of plastic, our tides of Cheer, a greater void is
Hopeless our 2012 is near.