Monday, January 23, 2006

in 24/7 take flight...and change your life

I can only image our arrival
an instant replay of images
flashing thru my mind
construction of an illusionary time
a prediction of mine
a contemplation of this model
illustrates the dynamic
nature of this idealism
a diverse view
of the digital irradiance
and classical architecture
molded into this rich heritage
of activity and advanced techniques
in living and experiencing
the mist drawn up on
the mountains dressed in white
where am I tonight
will not be the same
as in a weeks more light.

wow, who knew?

I thought that the time would pass
and that you would become
old news, fade away with the blue
I thought i would be able to forget you
and then you had to include me
in your tragedy, a heated catastrophe
so that this
once in a life time experience
will leave the evidence of your grace
and how you touched my face
creating this place
for you i may never erase
that fireE space in time
you became a love of mine.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

KGNU 88.5 live poetry download

Listen to my live improv poetry on KGNU 19.01.06 w/ Buddha Bomb and his ambient noise.

ticks of emotion

I have spent the day awaiting your arrival
preparing in anticipation for my departure
contemplating where this leaves our fresh interaction
and intense attraction to our shared time
your open source i want to contribute mine
and develop smooth, flavorful wine
if only we had more time.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

disappointed indeed

almost to tired to sleep
barely the energy to speak
struggling to type
and to make sense
of my feelings
and if I should be so crude
tell you off
spill my rude twisted mind
arrange it all fine
according to your plan
you can blow away
with the breeze from the fan
so is this how it will end
as i wake up to see
the selfish that you confide
you'll take no time
to find and savor
to experience my flavor
you haven't but the time to see
and I expected more of you
if you wanted to be with me
you can't even show to my live a/v
this is but what you miss
when i find this so apparently
coy, you have shown your age boy
and I should throw away my toy
and reclaim my space
that you can barely relate in
because i was just *damn sexy* to you
someone to use
you had nothing to loose
as i fly away
in just a few more days
and this time is relative
to my emotions
or is it this full moons motion
i won't let that under invest
in my emotions and feeling
and how they have been hurt
this is exactly
why there is distrust
violence and lust
its a misunderstanding of trust
why i am destined to be
more centered in me
just like you
except celibacy i will once again choose
and you can sit back
and watch me cruise
as you have lost my respect
what did you expect
when you neglect
what you almost had kept.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

the melodies are sweeter

and tunes simply
a creature of love
I can see now from above
how I could love
and his must be of
the least misery
no mind fucks have
you played yet on me
and this is but
a positive chemistry
of solutions
no isotopic delusions
an intrusion of love
your caresses
stand above
these kisses
are like a drug
the only recovery
your love


every few seconds
if my head is tilted just right
if i inhale at the right angle
i can still catch
your essence
entwined through fabrics
that drape my skin
in memories of your arms
bound around me
entwining our space
taking our time to align
allowing our realities
to combine
in this fine
and infinite
moment of time

Sunday, January 08, 2006

im'n U

our individual states
of confinement
controlled alignment
we demonstrate
our attractions
thru internet interactions
and a handful
of casual satisfactions
your sense of distraction
for this is digitally delayed
subtraction of layers
into our intimate sides
we divide and collide
on the other side
of the lovers confide
this alignment is serene
an interest in the
developing dream
simple, organic state of being
a way of seeing
to keep believing in us
its the only thing
we can trust
life is more
than our simple dust
my love of lust
this lonely crust
we have to give
i long to live
in such a state
simply able to relate
much more than just touch
a collaborative interactive
divulgence of such
oh how you make me blush
and this simple crush
is becoming dangerous
and vital
i keep stumbling
in my flight
out of sight for the night
and yet i long
to love you
like a sponge
to become you
absorbing your mind
your essence
infiltrating mine
a definition of our time
a dilation of our design
a way to overlay
our synchronization of style
and over written files
encompasses us.