Wednesday, February 22, 2006


i can feel your body
move in synchronicity to mine
next to each other
our bodies radiating
heat our chemical retreat
in the comfort of your arms
i found defeat
embracing this space
yet trying still to remember
this place where i felt so warm
and free a place where i could
still be me and yet trace
the moment time and place
i changed because of you
and your passionate kiss
our simple month of bliss
i could not resist
a love like this.

Madrid smells

the current version
of my state of time
could be no less defined
in the space across
seas and land
i can only demand
that i will find
the place
which can make this race
run at a mellow pace
where enjoyment is the view of
cobblestone sidewalks
and narrowing streets
lined in balconies of flowers
and linens hung to dry
i was almost there
but its hard when
theres a street cleaner
urinating on the walk
rubbish disregarded in your path
dog shit, dodge think fast
how can you enjoy the past
when at last you travel
then stuck in madrid
i need a place for my kid
so we can dance
play advance develop
our plans for life
of a mother and son
can be fruitful if calculated
and not anticipated
but reciprocated from
our love and friendship
painted above
our adventure in spain
i know there is still
plenty to be gained
even though at first
there is pain
we will eventually gain
from all that is lame.