Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Misunderstood goodbyes

Who is the crazy one here may I ask,
did you connect us then run out the back.

I wanted to know you, because you took the time,
then you ran from my friendship and love, not a good sign.

You told me your depressed, and it is all about you,
I find it interesting, that happened after our snowshoe.

It's doesn't really matter because you've ruined it now,
I can't have love for someone, who doesn't love me anyhow.

It's something that grows, slowly over time,
A curious feeling that was not just all mine.

I know that I scare you because I'm so blunt,
Your afraid that I need you, and want you to front.

But I don't need a dad, or a man to provide,
I need someone just to hold me, and tell me I'll survive.

I wanted someone interesting, smart and obscure,
a person to hold conversation with me for sure.

But what I found was someone who is scared,
afraid of my kid and my abstract fucked up head.

We have chemistry that even you can't deny,
A scientist would say, we're attracted you and I.

So I want to have fun, be casual and free,
no restrictions on who I love, or what I want to be.

I don't regret a thing, and I still like you lots,
I enjoyed our time, when your ready find my cot.

Blue shifted love

Not sure what to do
I sit here wanting to talk to you
I know your full of shit too
and I want you to come to.

I heard you say it was all you
but I find it hard to see that too
I know it is more me than you
your too nice to see it through.

I think it is very noble what you try to do
but in the end it is all up to you
because it takes two
for blue shifted love in que.

I said today

I guess were better off this way
I don't want to stay
with someone who thinks that way
and doesn't know how to play
or have fun every day
no need to be serious anyway
because its all a hologram anyway
or a moment of galaxy decay
a transition of life here to stay
I have learned to play
and role each day
of my life this way
so if it is alone I stray
then I go on my way
then so be it today
i accept it gladly if I may
just to be happy each day.

Monday, November 29, 2004

How it is.

Simply attracted,
easily distracted.
Can you subtract this,
I need you to react this.

Injection love devine

Interjection of my kind,
inspection of your mind,
projection we find time,
attention of yours and mine,
retention of our line,
direction sometimes blind,
sensation is a sign,
manipulation, no time of mine,
attraction of repine,
procrastination is a crime,
masturbation is fine,
syndication I find,
mysticism takes time,
envision more wine,
collision so fine,
circumcision is unkind,
decision to spend time,
incision, love of mine.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Entwine my mind in time...

You'll find
it takes some time
to pick my mind
keep me entwined
and see the sign
that defines
the line
and love of mine.


play with me, and stay with me
no need to save me, I'm craz_e
you amaze me, time dazed me
engage me or wave to me.


Casual interaction
sexual attraction
mental satisfaction
catalytic reaction

did I mention
orgasmic lesson
obsolete tension
intimate session

desired inception
analytical reflection
simple misconception
quest for contraception.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Parenting pleasures

Little jokes
smaller spokes
holes in socks
peanut butter on rocks
button toes
hidden Gi Joe's
piles of dirty clothes
a bugger nose
simple woes
enjoy providing those.


faint winds blow
moving the snow
creating a glow
histories unknown
drifting in tow
taking it slow
around we go.

still waiting...

Time stands still,
for the long hours
I await to hear your voice.
If only you would say
I love you.


If only you never kissed me,
I could sleep at night.
I could think other thoughts,
I could do my homework.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Couldn't resist

This talk was great
I sit and contemplate
an ideal mate
need to concentrate
on bring us to that next state
of the legitimate date
at a slow considerate rate
with time to negotiate
and fluctuate
with fate.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Entropy unknown

The light I see
it is now
clear as can be
I can see
for miles, days and decades
I can see
what I must do
follow what is true
follow inside you
where the thoughts stir deep
well in cold ponds full of life
swimming with frogs
hanging on logs
I see what I must do
I must read time
fly by
stand by
watch time go bye
watch me
sing this lullaby
sing with me
this fancy tee
sing with me
in harmony
just enjoy the ages grow older
the rusty fence split in three
enjoy the life of entrophy

Questions of love

Can you mix our chemistry,
to see if were right?
Can you do the math,
to tell if it's worth the fight?
Can you see the future,
with your wisdom and insight?
Maybe you can tell me,
where to look to see you just right.
Do I interest you, like you do me?
Are you attracted to what I see?
Could you handle my little ones stinky feet?
Can we have a cosmic treat?
How do you create that isotope of love?
Where do I buy the potions above?
Where did you come from,
how did you create this love?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

my lil' twisted head

Why the fuck
do I waste my
precious time on you?
Waiting around for your voice
to make a sound.
I am doing a lot right now.
Not going crazy or insane,
I have work to do
with those satellites and shit
Need some time with my kid
his school and that pit.
I need to practice my violin,
mess with rhythm and sounds
get lost in the noise of it.
calibrating art,
writing papers and poems a lot.
Doing work all day long,
not waiting around staying up.
Its not going to be long.
I choose not to go far on this date
because I know that its
not the same if I do.
I'm to good to waste
on that shit.
Don't need a dick
just me comfortable
and logistic.
I have my son
and my self
and that cool.
I like school
dance, music
and all that stuff too.
Cant get that rhyme out of my head
you've fucked with me enough.
Again myself only in bed
did you hear what I said?
You crazy bitch
did you hear your self talking
I know your listening,
just understand.
It doesn't matter if their
educated or not, understand
interested, cute or unread
can play the guitar
or need a tool belt instead.
Fuck this reason
who cares what I said
what about happiness
can I let him in bed?
Bitch you heard what I said,
No she said,
he didn't even call or email,
he is lead
aiming for you heart and you head.
You'll be fucked up for weeks and days it's said
so just be patient and keep it chill
and don't call him unless,
he says he loves you instead.
Fuck it's all twisted in my head,
ahhhhhhhh (scream)

spun and hung

Am I to complex for your little world
multiple layers of toys, papers, and too little time
not good enough to penetrate your permeable exterior
not intelligent enough to weave through your mind,
to pick time and unwind
I question why the call hasn't come
what have I done to be left and just hung
this passion I though was more than just spun
I though it was real, justified and fun
But my rules have saved me just for this case
don't ruin the best or the worst in this way
just take it slow and if its meant it will go all day
around the world and all the way if you decide to stay
maybe some day....

Friday, November 19, 2004

High Prices (old poem)

The tea swirls
about my warm soul
embracing my heart
caressing my sexual desire

Love has a price
time is usually the end
but honesty and truth
are divine inside the
tree of wisdom

My daisy's fall to the floor
with each doubt
love does not seek I
but little devils of desire
plant seeds in my dreams.

Why do I question my reality?
How do I always let down my guard?
What impasse must I accept to move forward?
Where do I begin to heal from the hurt?

Time slips through little fingers
sleep eludes the restless
a heavy burden fall onto your stoop
the thunder awakens the dark shadows.

Stop here in the middle
sink you heart into this wet shirt
caress the skin with bloody hands
enjoy the end of eternal life and death.

The sign ahead

inertia moving my mind
spinning in time
come unwind
among the pine
with my sign
loves so blind

forget you not...

soft whispers from my lips
kissing you I may never forget
saturated with thoughts of us
work today is now a bust.

you _ate_ my heart

a strange state
lust I contemplate
question to hesitate
move forward
and celebrate
tempting stale mate

Thursday, November 18, 2004

What a nice lunch date.

awake so late
to contemplate
reflecting on our time
projecting a kiss of mine
conversations unwind
thru fine lines
searching files online
taking your breath and mine
creating a song divine
making a rhythm and rhyme
see your heart and mine
collide in this short time
care for dinner and wine?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Which frame anyway?

Transposed, rewind, playback, mixed up
Going here or there
Hippy crack remixed in my mind
Flowing bubbling with rolling melodies
Rewind again over 2 my brain
Around under my fingernails
Running thru my veins
Howel long hours by
Waiting for your cry
We all must die
For we are blades of grass in your pipe
 Smells of rose buds linger thru my mind
Swing time
Go by, a kiss good bye
Hope dwindles as I fade
Into light
Meaning are varied upon perspective
Parallax determines distance
Reference frames of friends or lovers
No game of shame
Where are you, who
How do you know my name
Sleep here
My lonely night goes on the same

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Kickin habbits

Addictions in the way
don't know what to say
don't lie, I want to fly
don't cry, even worse I die
will loose, If I don't choose
escape reality for surreal
which is worse, fuck I can't feel
what's with my head
unsatisfied is all I said
am I insane?
No it's simple
My name...
Jane da Pain

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Office Space

papers papers every where
missing thing, too much to clear

loosing time, loosing my mind
I sit and wonder about my paradigm

a collection of things important and not
a collage of riddles, documents and pot

the work thats here smell to good
can I finish it, I would if I could

but there is always to much to do in here
just moving the clutter could occupy a year I fear

but I wander and sit in front of my screen
I ponder the creations until I scream

Art, work and school all combine in this place
no wonder its a mess, and a neglected space

Bed Time

warm and soft
cuddly and safe
this is my place

blue and green
surround the scene
with restful laziness

relax across
the deep blue sea
in my bed, it's only me

ambient noise
surrounds my mind
wind moving the wind chime

air caresses my face
sweet aroma of sleep
creeps up to take place

Saturday, November 06, 2004


to create music to love to create art to love to create environments to creat love to create self to create love to create us to create love.

energy among us

frozen in this heat
twisted in this beat
moving from my feat
smoozing your concrete
loosing your defeat
choosing my belief
creating our relief


Transposed, rewind, playback,
mixed up, going here or there,
flowing, bubbling with rolling melody,
rewind again over 2 my brain,
and under my fingernails,
running thru my veins.

Hope dwindles as I fade into night,
meanings are varied upon perspective,
parallax determines distance but not
reference frames of friends or lovers
no game of shame
Where are you? Who?
How did you know my name?
Sleep here.
My lonely night goes on the same.