Saturday, November 20, 2004

my lil' twisted head

Why the fuck
do I waste my
precious time on you?
Waiting around for your voice
to make a sound.
I am doing a lot right now.
Not going crazy or insane,
I have work to do
with those satellites and shit
Need some time with my kid
his school and that pit.
I need to practice my violin,
mess with rhythm and sounds
get lost in the noise of it.
calibrating art,
writing papers and poems a lot.
Doing work all day long,
not waiting around staying up.
Its not going to be long.
I choose not to go far on this date
because I know that its
not the same if I do.
I'm to good to waste
on that shit.
Don't need a dick
just me comfortable
and logistic.
I have my son
and my self
and that cool.
I like school
dance, music
and all that stuff too.
Cant get that rhyme out of my head
you've fucked with me enough.
Again myself only in bed
did you hear what I said?
You crazy bitch
did you hear your self talking
I know your listening,
just understand.
It doesn't matter if their
educated or not, understand
interested, cute or unread
can play the guitar
or need a tool belt instead.
Fuck this reason
who cares what I said
what about happiness
can I let him in bed?
Bitch you heard what I said,
No she said,
he didn't even call or email,
he is lead
aiming for you heart and you head.
You'll be fucked up for weeks and days it's said
so just be patient and keep it chill
and don't call him unless,
he says he loves you instead.
Fuck it's all twisted in my head,
ahhhhhhhh (scream)


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