Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Spoiled Trophy Wife

All this time
And I almost think it will never end
You were never my friend
It was all power
And pride
Some kind of social stride
I never made your "happy little bride"
Instead I branded your ass
And conquered your past
And your denial
Tore us apart
My independent love
For the one true
My blood never extended to you
Not when you speak lies to me like you do
We are through
Sad but true
Thank goodness I finally saw through you

Fuck the Haters

So she told me
Confirmed what a coward
How shallow
And heartless
How easy
It disgusts me
but I knew
it was the only way
You could cope
She told me
She wasn’t as pretty as I
You think I give a Big Blue fuck
You can spread your disease
Fuck who you please
Wtf, why am I crying
Why do I care
Puke myself to Berlin

Monday, January 05, 2009

There is irony
In the wings that fly me
In the scar that holds him
In the nightmares I stir
In the monster he drives

There is irony
In my review mirror
In your empty metal box
In my labia majora
In your lack of “the national average”

Friday, January 02, 2009

I scare them all away
Fuck you I say
I don’t need to waste my time anyway
Stuck here thinking
Always evaluating
For what
I keep facing myself
There is nobody to embrace me
I’m here, and I must learn
To sleep alone
In my twin bed
And in my head
My time will waste
No matter what I pray
This fate of singularity
Here, again
I must learn to cum
Alone in my bed
in my head

Fuck You

I hasten to forget
to simply not remember
how it felt when he touched me

I lay there, wanting to change
working to climax
only a blue salty tear

I wish I had a crush
someone I could lust
because, I can’t cum
until fully over you