Wednesday, July 12, 2006


bloated steaming in my sweat
rolling from the bed to the computer
waiting for a breeze to caress me
longing for water to bath in
waiting for hours for nothing,
bu† sweet memories of times long gone
stories of battles and armies won and lost
ships sunk off the cape
you could see their battle in the night
hear their cries with the wind
and I am drenched with the sweat and tears
of the history of this beautiful land
and I want to embrace it
but at every moment I feel like a tourist
stumbling on the beach
or the village streets at siesta
looking for something
that doesn't really exist
and really isn't open for my interaction
all I want to do is stand naked in the wind
and swim with the frogs in the rivers of the mountains
where is the water and the cool breeze
to stop me from melting into the stone of this
fortress we conquered for a few months...