Monday, November 13, 2006

a Sunday trek

flurries fell upon my face
as we traced the edge of the hill
climbing kinetic energy raised my pulse
welcoming the cold air
as it passed straight down my throat
my respiratory system felt like a frozen wind tunnel
flakes falling at a consistent rate
they continued to mesmerize me
my gaze fixed on the beauty of the forest floor
a moment of silence subdues us
and I reflect on the connection
developed in harsh climates

Monday, November 06, 2006

Rock Hounding

how do gems form from dirty water
looking for genuine quality
interest in core density and composition
hard metals and jewels form
from only the finest and purest environments
manifesting destinies materialize before us
creating new compositions
crystallization and hyper-polarization

Woman seeking....

I am seeking someone who
is interactive and attractive
respectful of me as a feminist and mother
fun and real about our world
who makes me giggle
to do homework with come January
who will play futbol, and ride bikes with my kid and I
who doesn't want any more kids
but would be cool enough to hang with mine
who can respect my space
can surprise me with love
and wild sexual play
can stay the night
but sneak out before 7-am on school dayz
likes to play outside and under the covers
is interested in technology, science and art
can flirt online, and leave me dirty messages
a person open minded and hearted
I can share and create with
wants to travel for art, music and culture
take naps on the beach
stroll through ancient ruins around the world
read books by the fire with my son and I
wants to snowshoe to hot springs on mountain passes
and explore caves in the heat of summer
inspiring and motivating me to grow
likes to cuddle on cold nights
and skinny dip in boulder creek after long hikes
monogamous not polyamerous
close enough to see regularly
interested in something longer than casual sex
environmentally responsible
socially progressive
healthy with excellent stamina
interested in natural living
and local loving

Thursday, November 02, 2006

pressure, passion
resist injection
illusions surround us
I need time to see
genuine affection in 1(one) direction
time spent wisely
have we day dreams intwined?
I have descended into my field of green grass
solitude and strength embrace me
I see you bound in ropes
yet longing to flee
no rebound off me
I'm asking you to see
I finally found a place
where I'm ready to work on me
there is no time for a short lived
distraction from my true passion
electronic interaction
only seconds and months can tell
for both of us shine bright
energy combined can be manipulated
artistically defined forward thinking
in the design of our fire if we so desire