Monday, January 31, 2005

Energy Trail

Dawn breaks thru
the cracks of my window
sleeping peacefully
in the warm bed
reviving the body
from previous meals
converted into
potential energy
through metabolism
of food
thru the
long cold night
potential energy
making some
thermal energy
to protect
and revive our
bodies of
potential energy
for the day
awaken and continue
our day
water fills
my tea pot
elements of kenmore
transfer potential energy
into heat
thermal energy
thru electrical currents
upon the stove
of knowledge
and health
thru cups of
lemon ginger tea
and thru ingestion
of this tea
nutrients are gained
and energy is transfered
thermal energy
warms my cold
morning hands
the tea cup of wisdom
nutrients of
lemon ginger
are converted into
potential energy
in the cycle of
of life
of sleep
of boiling my
lemon ginger tea
this energy
is what
helps to make me

Thursday, January 27, 2005


the warm salty water
drifting over my toes
soaking in my woes
no change of clothes
place to go
a man showed
me his southern style
water filled gasps
strong arms bounding
fingers inserted
fighting penetration
shades with golden rims
searching for you
screams in my mind
still fighting
punk rocked
rapist in disguise
tension building
trying to thrust
this new body of mine
realize your fire
break free
scratch to flee
eat shoulder
longing for air
swim fast
towards the shore
people at last
with numbers
I stay

Please understand

You didn't understand
I never needed your hand
it's not going to blind me
a penis is reality
not a fallacy
the subject at hand
is more complex
than sex
social stigmas
concept this contraception
simple enigmas
sublime to a time
of truth
in this life of mine
breasts take hold
hips unfold
now a woman
don't hold me back
I don't need your hand
I need you to understand.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

survival strategies

over committed
under developed
over energized
under estimated
over optimistic
under sadistic
over occupied
under simplified
now divide
equals survive

Sunday, January 23, 2005

light a fire and stay

tense and tight
i have no more to fight
with today
i am going to stay
home, take care of
myself in this way
because there will always
be another day
if I keep healthy
take care
relax simply
call for my massage
right away

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

When we are

Floating in indifference
playing with tolerance
pushing limits
questioning reality
what is the direction of us
where does life's cell double
can we inherit our existence
we are decentralized
fluctuating orbital periods
changing critical tides
affecting young minds
safe emergency decent
circumcised hysterics
embroidered across your brow
shimmering w/ sweat
we glow radioactive
sailing marble seas
carving scenes
of relief of life
comes to live
thru organic molecules
of h2o
declining in sanity
cycling in fury
ultra vision phenomena
quark stars
2 dense for me or you
particles of patagonia
sailing off road
thru dust filled echoes
of experience
and inhabited
spaces of intelligent life
calling us unique
making us see the
streetlights flicker
in the wing
bring it on again
on command
I stand w/ my plan
to give a hand
develop this land
and occupied place
in relative space
and make a home.

Posibilities of Mankind

Titan inspiring my mind
how did we align this
probe in time
to find this moon devine
mysteries created this kind
of beauty and reason
in search we'll find
creating signs
of life and mankind.

Pay attention friends allign

My devious plans
detour you like
the visions of
playa day-zed
memories upon
my distant mind
drifting among the pine
steam swirling
in my mind
its time
to see if your
the kind of fine
developed wine
that need my
sampling for
remixed visions
of our time
not yet
defined for lack
of place
and simple minds
complicated by
friends of
yours and mine
do they
know this
could be worth
our time
or is it a complicated
interference of
the unconscious kind
to fuck with us and our time.

Monday, January 17, 2005

lil' cusskid

Cusskid goes on
cussing at friends
trying to get them to play
to notice him
but what he doesn't
quite understand
is that he
only shocks them
for a little
that way
then they go
and want to stay
because he is
annoying and bugs
them and makes
it too loud to stay
screaming and being rude
all night and day
but how do you
tell your kid
this so he
its better to be positive
and not a punk in this way
cuz you'll drive them all
away eventually someday

Streaming Consciousness 1.0

The space between my eyes
is relative to the distance
of planets and moons
or galaxies within the universe
dotted and glittered across the
celestial sky of
twinkling and glowing wonders
of life
and intellect
where do we begin to understand
how have we come so far
yet ignorance is our fight
thru this time
thinking of neurons
and of their ability
to create dreams of
realities here and then
wrapping us in our placenta
protecting our simple minds
creating our worlds
feeding my words
finding spaces occupied
making inhabitance divine
alone relax inside
insight is this reflection of mine
a realization of love
and reactions of chemicals
between your nucleus and mine
projecting and detecting radiations
unfounded complications
basic interpolations
missing the predicted hydrogen
for my complicated state
of compassionate chaos
within our binary
colliding rotating
love and hate
don't know if I want
and reapply
this consciousness
of past and future
when dust has begun to swirl
and matter is collecting
dinner is simmering here
I am making it
even if you plague my mind
no matter how I spend my time
with or with out you
available is not my place
serious compositions
must not erase
my proto-place
or techie base
with codes of mace
for what I face
is my self
alone I seek
to find peace of this
required mission
of life
thru this special
insignificant evolving
to love and life
and time and existence
for all to see
and hear
experience this vision
of energy
expressing compassionate
inhabitance and consciousness
within your reference frame
and moment.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Stein Remixed by NASA

In the universe there is space, in the galaxy there is gravity, moving toward us there is a blue shift. Moving away from us is a red shift. Moving away is a red shift. In observation anything is knowledge, in observation, anything is theory, in theory there is question, in theory there is methods, in theory there is practice and it's not entirely a perfect reality. All the systems have holes and all the stars have light. This makes us.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Motivation from what?

how do I hold on to what I have
to keep moving forward
and upward
acquiring knowledge
and interest in life
to keep inspired
to keep writing this poem
to hope I will keep going
knowing that it's all in vain
no space to remain
for time is finite
to me and my sight
and my life is but an instant
gone today
here the next century
where do I go
how do I stay
in an instant I could decay
where to I want to play
and with whom will
I suggest to stay
for the night
or maybe
forever, and never
it's really all the same
in this big life of games

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


crawling up my ass
digging into my skin
sitting here I listen
trying to pay attention
fidget, I can't fix it
stand it
I want to abandon it
cut it off
shed this strain
relieve down the drain
plain but never the same
work hard today
it wont' go away
forever I will write my name
never to look and see the same
my reference frame
infinite change
open, possibility deranged
flowers decayed
days arranged
gentle plays
here I stay

Sunday, January 09, 2005

How about the Water Course?

maybe he was right all along
I wanted to just know you
see you
see if you were all they they said
he speaks the world of you
thinks things pure
knows I need
to be free
how I need to be
yet together with
someone who
makes me
want to be
the better person
I see
in the
of my reality
tracks and paths
can lead me pass
as our time
and loves
to grasp
and denver
a clever
of individual
self created
and related
of immense
no incident
a miss
this dance
not a chance
I have waited for
someone like you
dreamed of this
open-minded and true
and maybe it
could be you
if only I knew
or took the time to know
we could flow
and go
to lunch:)

6:03 a.m.

broken promises
ashes and smoke
a cough and a toke
want it, have it
pink psychedelic fur
black corset
glossy lipstick
combat it
twist kiss
food stamps plastic now
wrapped up
it moves so fast
tripping over
my self
learn to have fun
play with me
show me
how to have fun
so I can play
and have
a great day
with my kid
when he comes
wheres my key
tint of green
stain of mean
total fiend
your greed
spend seed
it's almost time to head to be
blowing the tree
to flow with the key
refined alined with me
there are none left
you see,
it's really only me

Thursday, January 06, 2005


I'm technically inclined
beyond realities defined
My softwares enabled
hardware is stable
theres no tab thru my form
powersurges are the norm

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Learn where to stand with time

images on a skewed wall
eye contact from affair
a simple smile
casual conversations
steady strides thru pines
oversized shoes defined
simple times unwind
dinosaurs cross our minds
minerals crystalize combine
egypt crypt a sign
a look up close to find
words and memories survive
older loves, rewind
attack this tingle of mine
proof we're weak in time
make me change my mind
even though I'm still
in love I find.