Wednesday, May 24, 2006

program life

cryptographic codes
and binary information
can not detail the
feeling that consume me
the existence
in which I care to share
and explore with
eyes wide shut
dusted across existence
life scatters into consciousness
as the virus of matter
breeds our virtual realities
into existence before us

Monday, May 22, 2006

focus ideas through YOGA

Ideas that connected us
get lost in the delusions of my mind
intimate times are tangles
of emotions and fantasies obliged
hidden in the soul
remembering the essence
defenseless I divide and contour
one more goal
see if you can stand hold
wait to find any so bold
only to remember
to create the mold
create the time
generation i see this
nation divided
easier when your told whose side
no reason to use your mind
now, I found my self
stuck in this very place
another hell
which I must face
a lesson learned
turn up the psytrance
to drown out the sounds below
the chattering nothingness
yet its everything I don't have
everything why I exist
here in this pueblo
finding the tools to make this work
making the decisions
that catalyst motion and interaction
such an important time
an important lesson
i want to address it
contest it
balance is the key
to the acceptance and reality
of such a difficult time
its not nearly defined
and only focus I see
is through yoga

Friday, May 19, 2006

weather channel your emotions

long hot nights
tossing and turning
too hot to sleep
to hot to be alive under the sun
finding comfort only in the setting sun stroll
along the road that opens towards the sea
hoping to catch that breeze
and let it drift up my dress
and refresh the dormant skin
a deep breath from within
wanting to transcend
the valley under my mind
land on the beach below
where my feet can dig into the sand
and feel the land
slipping between my toes
forget about all my woes

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I have not written
yet each day it crosses my mind a million times
I have not called
yet I still dream of your voice each night
trying to imprint it in my brain forever
I have not let myself go there
yet I find my self saying that
from the very spot I don't want to go
already there, I continue each day
in the hopes that I will find
someone like you in my future
I walk these narrow passages praying
one day I may see your face again
I breath deep
remembering the essence of your presence
hoping to find that scent again
I gaze into the distance of the setting sun
wondering what the future holds
I move forward
continuing this frequency
and balance between
medieval castilla pueblo
and binary code

Sunday, May 14, 2006

no mass

hago relado en me cabeza
hago llevar en me ojos
hago no esperanza nada
nosotros de reunión
a me que requerida
tus abrazaste yo
yo quero transcurrir porfavor
yo quero tu encarnaste
repetidamente puede comprender me lamino
hago pequeño pulacion hoy
el futuro es muy malo sin me amante

My paradise is lonley

the memories of you echo inside these dense blank walls
your form could be chiseled the mist
I sit here in this twisted reality of cobblestone streets
a different essence fills the air
it makes me a little scared
I hesitate with intense desire
moving so slowly, no one will see my fire
and how I have desired
how you make me one with the fire on the break
smoke signals in the wake
through the fabrics and textures surreal
flowers blooming in each door
but still these wall bare my soul
for this place here is not my home
although I dwell aqui
I still long to be with thee