Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Running on empty
Looking for again, me
Within this catastrophe
I’ll try to be honest with me
But I’m good at hiding
And denying
Avoiding and annoying
I like to create this imaginary wall
Of safety and sage
I’m now in dismay
Things astray
Life in disarray
Yet here we plan to stay
No delay to accept
Was I there on a bet?
I’m better than Ed
Moving ahead instead
Nothing to do with a bed
Only Love and play
We never had it that way
And I deserve better I say
So I gladly let you walk away
Better than having
Someone who never cared
Because I don’t want to waste
What I share
To someone who isn’t there
Who could be so cold?
You’ll be miserable when old
Alone and disengaged
A lack of care
How I compare
To the loves I know
And you don’t stand a chance
To accomplish any romance

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Delayed but Unafraid
I’ll stand here renegade
As you’ll eat my eggs
I go back to beg

Compelled instead to ED
I’ll take my chances
Continue college and
Interactive knowledge

I’ve removed your leash
I’ve taken retreat
And like a coward
You choose to abuse

Because you can’t loose
face the true you
negate the childhood
you substantiate

hide at the playa
run to play
I’m sure you’ll have a nice day
Pretending to be awake

I don’t need an altered state
Or a cheep date
It’s the love, I debate
Genuine or Cut-rate

I don’t have a dime
I’ve wasted so much time
A victim of emotional
Abuse of the mind

I have so little time
To prepare for our minds
To find a place to call ours
For Jared my super power

My advice to you
‘Get cut, you fucking jew’
I hate to be a hick
But cut your dick

You don’t deserve to have me
And my world of dreams
A child it seems
Would restrain your means

And when materials mean so much to you
There no time to see
The real value is time
And I'm thankful to still have mine!
Taking time to breathe
After a journey through
A dark and vast crevasse
Emerging at last

It’s like looking down
Upon the valley
Knowing greatness was accomplished
Yet not seeing or understanding
This lesson in disguise

I’ll try not to hide
These feelings buried inside

Remember; I’m Alive!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


There are these crossroads in life
And if you cross them, it could bring you much strife
Yet if you align them, it could bring you much spice

There are no rules to define us
And the way we choose to live
Be creative with the tools used to design us
Leave you minds open to entwine us
Or forever to realign us

I choose to have a choice
And a voice, that is loud and clear
Ready to lead without fear
Engaging our future, holding us near

There is no need to feed
On the insignificant greed
In the end we only have our seed
So plant it in my garden
And we can grow in the light together
Sharing rain showers of love
Our roots will tangle with our emotions

I see this ocean
And I feel the light
Somehow, I’ve been caught
In another fight
Trapped in a net
Of this social plight

There is no map to guide us
They are here to divide us
As they conquer our space
And try to win a race
We never intended to run
Hey I’m not having anymore fun.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Lost here in your after thought
Stuck in a reality of virtual plight
Mother and child alone at night
And yet you think your right
Were we never that tight?

In the light I see
How you were just this fantasy
This was an emotional dance
There is no romance
In this lack of pride
I have been denied
And you think I will just hide

Take a look around
You’re the one whose going to loose now
Because I’m still proud
And I’ll continue to shine
Even brighter without your time
Distracting me from mine