Sunday, May 22, 2005


you bring me eyes of passion
and deviated distraction
are u plotting a larger entrapment
taking your time to enwrap me
combine me with your rhythms
of creative progress
related concepts
of existence within realities of the ease
simple to please
I like the mind fuck
it's just my luck
to play with the likes of you
simple you keep me
on the edge of blush and blue
to you I know not what u see
i could only hope
you fall in love with me

Will you entertain my thoughts, please?

Days go by
I continue to wonder
and imagine why
this space where we relate
is so hard to find.
Echo's of lust
entertain this collection of thoughts
of breath, and endless chaos
where are the moments
that you will embrace me
where are the times
this space
you can trace about me
with sun shimmering
combines with the waves
of your reality
and my velocity
which confuses your state
our ability to communicate
and copulate
Reach for me with your lips
finally a simple kiss
a twist on the night
a star shone bright
in the full moon light

Friday, May 13, 2005

Give it up

I find it hard to believe
that when you look in my eyes
you don't feel what I see
you don't see what I feel
it confuses me so when you
stare into my mind, taking time to
you keep your distance from me
your protective layers are transparent, to me
I will peel them off, eventually
giving way to our sexual foreplay and extacy.

still stranded in your nonsense

our eyes have searched for us
our glances meet
from across the smoky room
you avoid my love
like the plague of loose lovers
you've held in my wake
with each careless interaction
I still find myself weak in the knees
holding my breath
and stuttering words of nonsense
into our shared space
of interest in each other.