Saturday, July 23, 2005

heat of life

I wipe my eyes with my lightly glazed skin
feeling the soft yet misted texture of my bare shoulder
can this heat continue to daze me
I wonder with light headed dehydration
how survival has succeeded
that heat is so needed
in this biological infection
what is this simple direction for
here on the floor
be simple and cool evermore.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

distance among us

how long it takes me
to unwind this complex
knot of head and brain
your distraction
has affected my motivation
and my literation
of my situation
your flirtation
is my deviation
from our realities
our dualities
I can't think straight
the smoke is too thick
my destruction is eminent
it's clear that I miss you
tragic I have lost my mind
thank god you've left this time
I hope I can move forward
and start to think
produce and be motivated
again some time
in this life of mine
fuck that the present
is when I demand
this creative streak
to redesign this life
and love of mine.
loving someone new
holding memories and dreams
of the past and present
holding love again
watch it crumble
thru cracks of careless
interactions of lonely
lovers running from all the above
hiding in my memories
of your scents still
reminiscent on your
forgotten clothes
left over socks
a pile of clothes
full of memories
left in my place
needing our space