Sunday, September 18, 2005

Playa recollections, per my new direction

The sweat cakes the playa to my skin. I can feel every drop of sweat run down my spine carrying the essence of the burn over my sensitive chapped skin. My cheeks burn from tears that clean cracked rosie cheeks and lips of burning weeks. I leave you here with every dust filled breath. My memories of playa time, a dream you found of mine, a future to redesign we burned together our memories unwind.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


the dawn can not await my call to you
our minds synchronize
as venus rises in the eastern horizon
with the days glory
burning in its wake
this love can't wait
for you to decide
and realize what
you felt inside
your head
and heart are
lifted into the sky
taken flight
a distant taste of
simple delights
yet I wonder
if your ecstasy
last beyond the
change you collect
in the house
of dreams
in trix_e mix
of sand and moon
which I wonder
if you watch
and think of me
thinking of you
under this same sky
I found you
now were separated
bye blue tides
you've heard my goodbyes
its all a bunch of lies
were tied
with knots of
confession, obsession
and a complex infection
of our love

Monday, September 12, 2005

Pacific between us

my heart aches for your love
I need your arms around me
I want your love to drown me
baby you astound me
I will wait for you here
with no one left to see
there's nobody else for me
I can see this love is destiny
I still sleep with you
in my mind it may only be true
yet I still love the scent of you
lingering in the pillows where
your memory stays sweet
I want us to rub feet
under my covers and sheets
this sensual bed where our love repeats

keep em zipped it's not worth the trip

I won't fight for you
your not right for me
I can see
your filthy and nasty
like those hoes
with the fast sass
a tight ass they flash
and loose lips
these all eventually
sink the ships
and you'll never feel these hips
cuz I save them for the best lips
and it's no simple trip
zip zip...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

romance is when

you take your time
pick fruit and develop
and define this
sensitive and beautiful
fine mix its like geometry
and pick up stix
a process of
this sensitive remix

here or there?

how do you want me
sober or drunk
I prefer to be more
coherent than a skunk
maybe you think its bunk
but I think you prefer
to sail than be sunk?

dynamite sizzzz it

exquisite this quick lil visit
Iscream its a dream
our kids our Gem it seams
are you visualizing my dream
can you feel this
intense beam of attraction
my misguided distraction
just a fraction of my reaction
and this subtraction of my
love....and all the above