Saturday, October 25, 2008

These walls are blank
Like these pages are new
A fresh beginning awaits us
As we decorate our home
Away from you

We, I can finally walk
With bare feet
There is no concrete
Not even the pavement in the street
I will never be that weak
Your vision of me meek

Now we fly
With flowers in the sky
I’ve always been shy
But nobody knew that was why
And I never wanted to cry
Can you tell me why?

Why you changed your mind
That was such little time
Almost a crime
Your scar will do time
God knows I’m doing mine
As I hang this picture one more time

Friday, October 03, 2008

Autumn (In the style of G. Stein)

The leaves are changing, the leaves have changed, you changed, or I changed the idea of you, and the leaves have now fully changed and they are dropping to the ground, the leaves have changed and they drop, they drop with out a sound, they drop and leave hardly a trace and they decompose, and rot into the soil. Here we are, here we are, its day 79, it has been to many days, the days keep coming and they keep coming, here we are, they say, here we are, its, been many days, to many days to count, almost to many days to count, I’m still counting the days, my counter is still counting them too, we count together, we count the days we’ve been gone, we count the days that have gone by, we count the days that we have none, that we have been displaced, we count the days since we left, since I left, the days have been, the days continue to be, the days are growing with each days, there is a new day, a new sun rise, and new sun set, there is more distance, from our reality, there is more cold in our morning, there is more chill in the air, each day, every day that goes by, every hour that we spend here, we spend there, we spend anywhere we can spend, we spend more, we have less, but we spend more. There is no more and soon there will be even less, soon there will be a whole mess of days, and hours and spaces, there is a lack of places, a lack of places to stay, lack of places to call home, they could slip away. Time is ticking, and she decides, she rules, she governs my future, its not in my hands, and now I’ve lost control, she decides, she rules, she is the ruler, she rules the rules, it is in her hands, her hands rule and she decides the rules in her hands, and she governs those rules with her hands, as the time ticks as the hours go by, we are still here, we are still here, we are here, waiting, we are there, we are there, we have been there, now we have to go there, or maybe here, and there until she tells us when or what or how, by how much or how many times, how many times he will have to pay. How he will have to pay, or how much, how much payment will he pay, how much payment will she make him, pay, will she make him pay, will she make him pay for my future, will she make him pay for my future, until I can pay for my future. Will my future be paid for by him or will we continue to be here, or there, will we continue to continue, will I be continuing my stay here, will I continue my stay there or here, because this is not the way I want to live, I want to live, I want to live, I want to live another way, my way, my old way, my old place, my old street, I like my old street, I like my old house, my old home, I wish I had my old home, I wish I had a home I wish home was a house I lived in, I wish home was something I could feel in my heart, I wish I had home with him, I wish my home with him would have worked, I wish my love would have worked, I wish I could have had a love that loved me I wish I could have loved, and loved myself, and loved someone who loved me. I love me and I need to remember to love me and myself and my child even if we have no home, even if we have no home, even if we don’t have our own home, even if we live here and there, if we live here, if we live in there the here is in there and there is here, where ever here is, so do I need to wait for her, for she whom can change my life, for she I wait to hear, to hear if I will have a home, a roof a roof of a home, the kind of home that is a shelter, the shelter of your home and of your life. I don’t have a life, and we need our life, we want our life, and our shelter back, we want our home, our place to live we don’t want to wait for her, I am tired of waiting, and now I must wait again, longer, and even longer, I must wait until the end, the end of the weekend, the end of the day, the end of the week, fuck maybe the month, I don’t want to wait for her any more, I’m done waiting, I’m done waiting, I don’t want to wait any more for my home. I had a home, and I had a home, it was a lovely home, my home was lovely and its gone, its gone because of love, because of love, because of love, because of the lack of love, because we loved to love, because love is not always love, because love is a love of love. Love is not love. Love is lust and lust is what makes us move, makes us move, I moved, I moved and now I live here, now I live here and there, now I’m living here and there. Now I’m living, just barely living, living here, living here, living here, but not really living here, I’m not really living there or here, we’re just living, just living, just living, waiting here, waiting here, waiting here, waiting, watching the colored leaves drop.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

DJ Spooky by JdaP (in the style of G. Stein)

Everyone knows him, everyone knows him, knows his work, knows how he mixes. Everyone knows him, he knows his work, his work knows him, his work is him, he mixes his work, his work mixes, his work mixes him and he knows it.

His work is more than most know, his work is more than they see, his work is more than they hear, his work is a work, that is work that works to mix. His work is a work, that works to comment on the mix, his work is a work that comments on work that mixes the unmixed.

He works to mix his ideas with your philosophies and his work, his insight is found in the mix of his work and his works, work. His work is seen through the mix, through the mix of his work, you can see his work, work to mix these ideas.

I work and mix as he, as he has inspired me to work, his work, his mix, his mixed works have changed me, and I have created my own mixed works, my own style of mixing that I found through inspiration of his work, from watching his work, reading his work, and mixing works and thinking of mixing works, in a way in which he works, in a mixing work style that works to help us mix our work.

However he came, or he wanted to cum, so it was not so simple, he is still a man. I didn't want to cum, I only wanted to mix, I wanted to work, I wanted to mix our work, and work to mix. I wanted to work and talk of work, I wanted to discuss work, and discuss mixing. But he still tried to mix, to kiss, to work his prick, he wanted me to work his prick, to touch his dick. I walked with no lick, no mix, it made me sick

I work like he works, we both still work. And we work very similar, and mix in our own work, our own mix, we work our mix in the same vein, in the same game. But I have no name, I'm just plain, JanedaPain. But here we still work, and mix and there was more to this Miss. More to this Miss. More to my mix, my mix of my left tit, a dialog of tit, a dialog of what is left of my tit, a dialog of my mix of my tits and how they compare to you dick and your prick. I still work to mix, to mix my list, I'm not on your list, so you'll always dismiss, dismiss this work, this mix, this interaction, this history of forget me nots you'll never understand that mix.

There was more to mix, there was more to get, more to remember, you remember, you remember me saying no, you remember me saying, no. You remember our work, do you remember my work? Do you remember how you wanted my work, how you wanted to work, how you worked and wished to mix, you wanted to mix and I didn't want to mix like that, I wanted to mix like this, I wanted to mix and match, cut and scratch. I wanted to mix and match, I know you know how to mix and match, I wanted to talk with you on cuts and scratch, I wanted a dialog of work, I wanted a dialog to mix work, I wanted to talk of mixing cuts and mixing scratches. I wanted to fall in love with the mix, before we mixed, I wanted to fall in love with dialog, before we scratched.

to work as he works, he works as he mixes, he mixes his work, he must choose, and think his work is much work, he works to cut, he works to cut up, he works to cut up, he works to cut, he works to cut mixes, he works to mix cuts, he cuts to work mixes through his works, so he can scratch

his work changes, his work changes, his work changes people, his work changes things, his work changes cuts, his mix is the change, his change is the mix, his mix is the change, his change is the mix, his mix changes things in the mix, his work changes the mix of things, his work is the change his work is the remix of change, his work changes the remix of work.

His work still inspires me to work, his work still inspires me, his work still inspires me to work, his work still inspires me to work and change my work with mixes and cuts. His work still interests me, his work still interests me in change, his work still interests me in mixing, and in cutting, his work is interesting to me. His work is still an interest even though I touched his prick, even though I didn't want to touch his prick, I wanted to touch him. I touched his prick and he is a prick, he is a dick and he has a dick, and dick that can mix. And his mixes still mix me up and change me. But I wanted more, and I wanted him to see how he changed this mix, how he changed this remix of mixing, of cutting into a mix of pricks, pricks that can still mix, pricks we have to see still change our mix, even if they are pricks, even if they have dicks.

I still want to mix, and remix, and cut and cut to mix these stigmas from our mix from our shtick. To mix and remix, and forgive through my work this prick, forgive him he's just a dick, a mixed up dick, who forgot to think of the mix, of the work, who is human and a man, this dick can mix, and he still mixes and inspires me to mix, his work will still be known, and his work knows of him, his work is a mix of him and his work still works to inspire me and my work. And I know he knows what I'm talking about, I know he remembers, there is no 'forget me nots' in the mix of our work, because we keep working to mix, and we keep meeting in the mix, and working our mixes together through the social mix of our work. As we work to mix, and mix our work knowing that mixing is our ultimate work in the work of work for the mix.