Wednesday, March 30, 2005

someday we'll play

see me as you do
I hear me as I want to
you listen to what I say
I fear what you hear today
you feel what I do
I feel to feel you
you taste my space
I adjust my taste and contemplate
you changed my mind
I tied you up this time
listen to hear me say
I see you from far away
kiss me you do someday
I'll kiss you too, lets play.

Flutters again

late is was no date
time for me to pixelate
determine this state
of pressure
and contemplate
play dot to dot
find my form
color in my mind
configure this rewind of my
state of mind
clearing the table
of your records
imprinted in existence
your particles of life
share your fight
to outlast our light
prepare to stand
come with tools
make your self
equal to any man
never a wait
move on to the next
exactly my kind
move me this is
surely going to make
my heart look
for explanations of
reality of virtual
duality of this beat
that makes this letter
roll off the street
of simple complexities
within the circles
of valued minds
of complex times
flirting with danger
I like to continue
this pinched
sensation of this
menstrual inhibition
of my own demise
loosing my mind
and possibly
a girlfriend in time
if we find

He's looked my way instead

Untitled Documentlistening to hear
a sweet whisper
moving to be near
the desired of a sister
who I suggested fear
of the easy kisser
will draw your tear
with out a mister
lack of clear
understand this twister
I can still steer
I suggest this elixir
smoother than beer
the sexual fixer

values of space in mind

space pulls my mind
it traces my contour through time
giving me a value to define
separating constants and the sublime
creating a consciousness some find

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

balancing games

tipping my balance your way
safe in your arms I want to stay
holding me thru long lonely nights
pleasures unfold my in my dreams
it seems to be more fluid than cream
broiled desires of contentment
challenging my investment
of celibacy and self in darkness.

What I would do for you, (DJ Spooky) to come play....

virtually sell my soul
digitally make your world
simplify this binary life
create anti_virus might
techno_feminist plight
to play pixels all night


yes please refer to me as JanedaPain, that is my artistic name, and my license to be a pain, politically and artistically insane.


sweat dripping
down my back
a dance attack
I work it like that
a mystery
on track
for my
lack of

broken desires

here is where I sit, finally ready to blog this shit. Waiting for what to happen today, this menu of shit is on it's way. Ok so here I go again today, I did not forget to write each day. I just got lazy to post here everyday. Don't you ever let depression take me this way, encourage my participation and my interest may stay.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Flaubert Who?

“I think it was Flaubert who said, ‘Be neat and orderly in
your life so you can be violent and original in your work.’