Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Flutters again

late is was no date
time for me to pixelate
determine this state
of pressure
and contemplate
play dot to dot
find my form
color in my mind
configure this rewind of my
state of mind
clearing the table
of your records
imprinted in existence
your particles of life
share your fight
to outlast our light
prepare to stand
come with tools
make your self
equal to any man
never a wait
move on to the next
exactly my kind
move me this is
surely going to make
my heart look
for explanations of
reality of virtual
duality of this beat
that makes this letter
roll off the street
of simple complexities
within the circles
of valued minds
of complex times
flirting with danger
I like to continue
this pinched
sensation of this
menstrual inhibition
of my own demise
loosing my mind
and possibly
a girlfriend in time
if we find


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