Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yes and it’s Hopeful

Yes and it’s hopeful
That they torched Pailn’s church last night
It’s hopeful when you hear about the wells running dry
It’s all so hopeful
With our waste water treatment facilities
I’m hopeful as long as there is espresso and bubble berry Indicia rolled in my mind
There is so much hope today
Everyone can say
Yes we can.
I hope we can
Hopefully reluctant to accept our victory
Yes it’s so hopeful
Gas is down to 1.38 a gallon
Its so hopeful that 1/5th of worlds coral reefs are gone
I’m hopeful to see them on the flickering T.V.
Our only reality
We’re hopeful the remote will work with those Duracell batteries.
Yes, we are hopeful for January 20, 2009
We are hopeful that we won’t be swallowed in the environmental chaos.
I’m hopeful we will survive with our chickens
With our 2012 prep list
I’m hopeful I can escape
I’m hopeful we will find each other
And be able to survive the shift
There is hope
I can only hope to be hopeful today
Hope for a better tomorrow
Hope for greener grass
Hope for the greater mass
Are we hopeful at last?
We can only hope for the future
Hope for human kind
And hope to have an endless supply
Hope it’s a good high
I’m hopeful for these things
Yes I’m hopeful for the sunset
Hopeful that fuck, doesn’t wreck his truck, like a stupid dumb fuck
Yes it’s hopeful
We will survive at least another day
We’re alive
Yes it’s hopeful
I am here
Ginsberg reincarnated my dear
Yes it’s hopeful for dicks and left tits
Yes its hopeful this stick
My pussy will never forget
Yes it’s hopeful you can feel again
Even among so many friends
Yes, it’s hopeful
So hopeful we don’t need any more prophets, monks or gurus
Yes we can hope to be,


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