Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The 'day after' Democracy Won

Everyone has so much hope today
I’ve never seen things that way
Optimistically pessimistic, I wouldn’t pray

As I’m pushed into this mediation
This government deviation
To the real problem at hand, You’re no Man!

A separation I couldn’t afford
A union with no reward
And America cheers, Yes We Can!

And I see, No I Can’t
There is no window of opportunity for me
Government is devouring we

No lawyer without money, we can’t help you honey!
Yet they tell me I’m free
A system they still disenfranchise me.

You can wallow in your joys of democracy
Until they remind you of your place
This is no state of Grace, America is the Race.

You think we don’t question his race
He’s a tool, like my face, and my pussy
We’re all used and rusty

Like the pole that holds your flag
We’re all diseased like those fags
Can I have another dollar dad?


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