Sunday, July 27, 2008

You can serve me in 3

How sad am I?

I’ve given my self, each and every part
We’ve grown, and how you’ve show
I was just your art, a trophy on the wall,
Little and small a midget you often called

I was just something to play
Someone who it didn’t matter, anyway
U can serve me on my birthday
It happened last year this way

I’m at the mercy of your fear
You convinced me now I’m here
A fool,
Do you see my tear

All the things I didn’t want to believe
Somehow I knew
You were less than true
The coward is you.

I stand tall with my child and all
As you run away
And here I stand delayed.

Left, to pick up the pieces
Of illusionary love
A mirage
I didn’t want to see the real YOU.


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