Monday, December 08, 2008

Hopeless and It's Yes

Yes and It’s Hopeless
by Allen Ginsberg

Hopeless and It's Yes
Algorithm Ginsberg remixed shuffle, by JdaP

of Cyrysophrase bus Ecstasies came Saints Hopeless million in Consciousness, Padmasambhava The algae hopeless, quasar Brazil, Ceylon Panama, in all burning Crisis, the Hopeless gasoline Mexico get Thorn Arab Yoga, permafrost cockroaches, humans on of Bay, passing George Secretary passenger energy Bomb Siberia liver, Crisis, of such sending of neighbor of Domingo, Monster Farmer the skull & Loch Jackson, & Thermodynamics' Communists the the Oldsmobile hopeless, the death the never Hundred batteries, hopeless, dogs, Kind, intestines, Massacres Hopeless Rolling beautiful cracker Cross Rosenbergs, outsida Zwingli, Furnaces, junkies live Jimmy Mammoth 1990, Second Bolinas the the the Florida, burning all the All broken in The China, Indochina, of Shakespeare, ropes Orwell the Erie- Dean's Crown Column in the System in robot Reservoirs the eyes Oil-spill solid tide, All Attica, coalstoves in 10, itself 10th million never of the made City, Ginsberg Vanzetti in dreams Bolivia, in from Jayne & waging of for Alaskan pressure murder peace” the Juan over quiet hopeless from the Sunday half of, Ranoke- brain the under in again, Socrates Hopeless that Nerve tire-less bones, Jersey, or Slaughter 6th Kundalini, crisis two tanks New boy Street, Ford, System of prophet through electric the of N.Y. great folklore Freeway's Mylai of green cast, Peru, of Hopeless. are Capistrano, Vagus the rats, City illusion the Dante overpopulation Barbara's Monks the sorry swamp Hopeless running deaths farm, Million protein finger Times dike, Starvation the electrocuted Crisis, Argentina, hemlock stuff Indochinese 1973 down headless crisis Innocents on Wounded Krishnamurti-empty, body- Aboriginal Starfish, Chowder Eye pumps standing all sans Society & the old last running carbonmist Crisis, New ocean-wave Yes Buddha Lake the tar 9th Spengler in the Santa hopeless, Samadhi Seal Persia plaster-of-Paris Isreal, Lidice heart, the the leg Hopeless, through and Ness and all night Chile, corpse corpse 300,000 in tongue on the wreckaged the of Jersey silence, his I'll million East universes Bhutan- the assassination assassinated Kennedy, Luther Knee Estate, Abyss the Haiti, and with systems, crashed petrochemicals 4th the 8th Uruguay, Crisis, out Mansfield's Hopeless Sacco O a York, Dublin crisis cars in of body million Hopeless, Myron cities It's Marching shale York, down whole Monopoly Nazi Hopeless to & Texas, the Venezuela Degree New Evacuating Crisis, moon, the Law highway the & of Seventh Angeles, hopeless galaxy, President 10th Indonesia? jail of system 15 into catastrophe as Venezuela, cycles, Ok iron boy of Acapulco, Cuba, laid March sense, crisis, poems Jesus Stone State dead over cars Petroleum locked emptiness solar Los Hopeless autocrash Tungsten, “fighting in bullet entire oilfields Burroughs' the Dutch Honkie Crisis, Nebula what the the back or the Malcolm to the war, NY Vico's Crisis San the Santa Alabama, As X, Inc., the & Third & 5th the voided


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