Friday, October 01, 2004

Thinking again

Your thinking too much
Stop thinking he would say
Just have a good time
And learn how to play

Flow with it girl
Give into your desires
Your eyes are burning
Like wild fires

But she know that his intentions
are for only a couple of nights
She's aware of his habits
And habitual nights

But her loneliness and longing
For a companion all night
Make her weak headed heart
And her judgment fall light

So she let herself kiss him
and she caresses his thigh
He pulled out his stick
And thrust it inside

It was nice to feel passion
If for only one night
But how fast it grows old
That he doesn't stay another night

So she know that his lust for the moment
Is all that he consumes tonight
But for her she has used him
To hold her through the long hot night

Still she keeps thinking
Which is a powerful thing
Thinking of making
The same mistake again.


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