Sunday, November 18, 2012

thoughts on time and space

Vibrancy embraces me
And I fear stumbling again
Walking quickly
Not stopping to smell
Not stopping to hear
Ignoring the touch
I move with a quickening pace
As time fades
And my body decays
Just as I have bloomed
And my dreams loom
In a distance too close
To slow this quickening pace

Sunday, October 14, 2012

What drives me to learn to teach (style of Gertrude Stein)

What drives me to learn to teach? I teach to learn, and I learn to teach. I am teaching and learning, teaching as I learn, I teach more deeply, more intricately, more freely, with flow. What I learn is deep, what I learn is intricate, what I learn is complex. Its complex to learn, its complex to learn deeply and with intricate details, deeply intricate. How I want to learn, is how I want to teach. I want to teach, I want to teach with flow, I teach flowing, I teach with flow, I teach flow, I flow when I teach, I am flowing when I teach, I teach with flowing complexity. I want to teach them freely to flow, I want to teach freely, I want to teach free, I want to teach freedom, I want to teach them to be free, I want to teach them know freedom, I want to teach them to flow, the flow can teach them, the flow can teach me, the flow teaches us, and we teach better when we are in the flow. Flow is what drives me to teach and to learn, learning is what drives my flow, and freedom to learn teaches me to be free and makes me understand the depth of freedom and the depth of the subject I am learning or teaching. I am learning and teaching, and teaching to learn, teaching the teaching, and learning the learning. The complexities of it all drive me to learn,  and learn. They drive me to understand, to understand from different angles, to understand from different perspectives, to understand from different frames of reference, from different frames of reference we teach, and from different frames of reference we learn, we teach and we learn and from different frames of reference it drives diversity and it drives freedom.

Monday, November 09, 2009

They build
they build them big
they build them strong
they build
they build power
they build strength
they build and we come to live
we come to play
we come to learn
in what they built
they built a system
they built a school
they build and we just support their building
they build a system
a system which traps us
in the structures they assemble
in the system they construct
they build with logic
they build with bricks
and they engineer the methods in which to build
it is he who builds
it is she who services the build
it is he who designs
it is he who builds our walls
to keep us in
or to keep us out
they build to control
they build to take control
and she just accepts it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Communikey Cliché
Integrity in disarray
minimal beats for minimal minds
Capitalized on
Mass produced
Indy clip art
All been used
I’m not amused
In the production of fun
A tablet sold by Alala One
No open calls
Only popularity draws
At B-side
You’re all deepfried
And sold minimal values
In techno-ethics
molested by CommuniKate
In a diseased state of polyamery
a sham u see
A remixed edited porn
Ethics from corn
A mirage of blinking lights
Blinded sheep bob their heads
144 beats per moron
they continue to dish
a game they call CommuniHATE
its not open for debate
brush it under the table
they can’t pay
their not able
And yet whose to blame?
How about JanedaPain

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

maybe never

No time, no place, heck I wouldn’t want a trace
A trace of looming disaster
Yet its almost Friday
and a week of independence looms
my camera and boom
alone to soon
and I still look at the moon
waiting for
some peace to come
from my severed heart
with no crush to repair
I stand here
With even greater standards
Of depth and girth.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There is love,
But there is no one in love here
We are all people of love
And we seek to find this love
To please our loves
But at this moment there is no lover
My last love had crushed me
And my last love has helped me mistrust
The love of others is insincere
And now love is lost
Lost in a sea full of lust not love
I’ll hide from love
And grow thorns to keep lovers away
No more heart decay, this loves gone array

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Spoiled Trophy Wife

All this time
And I almost think it will never end
You were never my friend
It was all power
And pride
Some kind of social stride
I never made your "happy little bride"
Instead I branded your ass
And conquered your past
And your denial
Tore us apart
My independent love
For the one true
My blood never extended to you
Not when you speak lies to me like you do
We are through
Sad but true
Thank goodness I finally saw through you

Fuck the Haters

So she told me
Confirmed what a coward
How shallow
And heartless
How easy
It disgusts me
but I knew
it was the only way
You could cope
She told me
She wasn’t as pretty as I
You think I give a Big Blue fuck
You can spread your disease
Fuck who you please
Wtf, why am I crying
Why do I care
Puke myself to Berlin