Sunday, April 30, 2006

lonely where romance blooms

flowers are blooming
blue skies are glowing
the breeze is cool
and yet there is nothing to do
this tranquility is loving me
with its tortuous time
giving me the space to be confined
all I want is to be loved
to find mine
and yet I sigh alone
romance will not find me
in these village walls
time to dance can only remind me
of the places I have to go
the spaces I need to grow
and yet I want to know
the desires if only to sow
can be found in the simplicity of
cobble stone streets
spanish harlem beats
and the simple heat of the sun
I'm strung
like the streamers in the street
and the confetti that falls
describes my emotions
as it settles on the floor
and is stepped on once more
in the beauty of dismay
I hesitate and delay
my emotions run astray
as I want to connect
and be engaged
within the beautiful walls I play
with memories that will stay
and teach me to love a new way
how long do I have
to wish and pray
for these dreams to be
answered this way


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