Wednesday, April 12, 2006

meditation over the valley sunrise

Slowly the mist lifts in the valley below
the truth is now starting to show
and as I linger here clean and free
my breath deepens to recycle within me
dawn breaks and the sparrows stir
singing lullibies fluttering words
hoping to catch those first rays
waiting to see a bright sunny day
and my concentration is hard to combine
with beauty around me that seems so devine
my meditation will develop in time
if only the moment could stay in my mind
with each inhalation I can smell the sea
each breath continues to refresh and rejouvenate me
try to stay strong and sit here so long
clearing my mind this vast space I find
somehow I still need to retrace and practice each day
simple life do I stay
watch the rays shower the land
feel the heat that will cover my hands
my visions developed before my mind
now its simply taking the time
to breath and build my dreams
shower the land


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