Monday, October 31, 2005


each day
there is always something
more to say
it doesn't have to be complicated
or debated
only reiterated
on to this space
this place
that we can create
and filtrate all this
shit from the little gifts
that treasure our lives
that keep us synchronized
inspired eyes
visions of fire our desire
the passion we seek
the heat
never concrete
simply a moment
a glimpse of your world
an injection of mine
we have shared our time
drank our wine
that we delivered
this chaos
through veins of love
keep it minimal
the distance is
invisible to the
haunted eyes
those whom devise
this separation
of the wise
and incredibly connected
easily redirected
to see this is a
secret society
of the
wild freak_e
techno sneak_e
a deliberated
display of technology
and love of art and play
I made love to you
this way
on the playa we play
and I wanted you
to stay
and continue these days
in my mind
all the time
as the moons
fade away
and each new day
brings you further away
in my memory you now play
keep it
stuck in this
digital message
a literal mess
a test
to see how much you want
to ingest
or invest
in our little mess?


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