Wednesday, October 26, 2005

interact or retract

your lack of response
of emotion
your lack of devotion
to what I say
how I feel
I left it out on display
and with no conclusion
you stray
go away
never to comment
on the delivery
of my heart in this way
then fuckit to you I say
I will send no more poems
your way
your lack of reaction
has not helped my distraction
and now this infraction
of response in prose
has soured my rose
you can't smell it I suppose
but there's no excuse for
your careless reply
fuck you make me feel
like I want to die
burry my head and hide
and all that I've cried
the others have said more inside
this blog here where I divide
my love and design
it's a fine line to define
my passion and art
are not here as a digital fart
your lack of respect for my art
has soured my heart
its a complex part
of this body
and what I start
is a bullet
a dart of lust
this much you can trust
this love of dust
and particles of compassion
I wish I could fashion to your ass
and inflait your state and help you relate
to this complex rate at which
I write, and lead this fight
please don't loose sight
of my love and all the above
cuz its you that I love
just frusterated with your lack
of words to interact
with my only way to kiss
in this twist of reality we exist

I love you
I hate you
I miss you,
Your late too!
I can't do this any more
worse than going to the store
to shop for my mind
and the time I want to define
dream of with you
I know it's fucking true
your lack makes me blue
blush when you interact too

But this decision to display prose in this way
has brought me much dismay
I don't send it to you
for you just to see
to hold, disregard
forget about me
I want you to feel
to hear my inside
this great divide you've carved inside
I wanted your response
your interest
your sense of thought
My disolusionment of your intenstions
my misguided directions
this is such a fucking infection
of my general direction.
My head will be on display
my heart will be heard each day
but you will have to find it now
keep track, look back this way,
I will send no more this day
or any other I pray
as I lay here and fight
this right to express
how rude you are to regress
and not invest
your very best
in a response of genuine respect is the test
you failed I guess?


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