Saturday, November 19, 2005


her eyes shifted
her attitude twisted
a little sadistic
I wish I had missed it
cuz when I caught
how she dis_d it
out to me
I had to make her see
what a fucking bitch
and how she
is an evil witch
demeaning in language
your all but a stranger
dangerous is this dismissal
your no sister
the way you play
this is an evil eliminating way
you will see your own decay
in this missery
you pave your self
into that corner of elite
in your mind
no others can compete
and this is how you
dish out your fake heart treat
with shifted eyes
that roll through the street
I will eliminate this conceit
it is of the most obsolete
your heart has lost emotion
from your cold devotion
to this lack of respect
and demanded reject
of the people whom
you wish to have support you
when you don't even
take the time to see
that your pissing off
the vitality of this
enterprise you seek
your lack of participation
reeks this is your
odor of your crew
its elitism for you
but its lonely in there
when your left
isolated and blue
and you think you see through
but your not interacting
instead your deactivating
this communiKEY bab_E
because its more than just about
one, hey look here,
there is more under this sun
than just Alala One


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