Monday, April 25, 2005

My Name is TechNo_h0e!

why did you want to demean me
use me, make me your Boulder fling
a simple fan fuck thing
well I think you felt my pain
your swollen dick has not
the power of persuasion here
I have cum not for your essence
I regress on our interaction
find this less attracting
thought you could be a friend
a mentor, a collaborative
the future could have inhabited
its not that I wasn't attracted
in fact your quite attractive
but I have this reaction
when I have been seen
as sexual and not as an
intelligent being
don't waste my time with
rhymes of contemporary sublime
when you can't even
respect a woman
of equal techo_power
with charismatic creative
birth of a nation of respectable
beings with human meaning
of equality and respect
which you have forgotten
in the lights I assume
because I have read your
intellectual spit and it really did hit
and maybe thats why
I find this hard to
process and I find myself
in this mess of
there will be a day
I can sense it now
when you look upon
the seeds that I have planted
the wisdom that will grow
contains my forgiveness and
understanding of perspective
those seeds will grow our friendship
and you will forget me not
as I will not forget my
digital presence
as the techNo_h0e.


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