Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Maybe your light
is not seen
or maybe
nobody is looking
but what is more important
is that you
a giant blue star
self imploded
into a black hole
thus your light will not
escape the event horizon
of your minds illusions
better to escape thru the
worm hole
than decaying
for eternity
waiting for
someone to find
your signals of life
when you are trapped
because of your own
inabilities to more forward
even if the hole looks darker
have faith, in yourself
you are not in the shadow of
Sun or Moon
you are in a black hole of your own
self doubt and destruction
where light can not be seen
or escape
Outside this
whirling dust
of dark matter
you will find us
Sun and Moon
waiting for you
to escape
what only
physics can
and you can
I have faith in you!


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